Utah Rock Art Research Association


URARA members agree to observe the following standards of conduct:

  1. The preservation of rock art is one of URARA's primary purposes. We encourage rock art appreciation and research, but recognize that site visits and the sharing of information about site locations may negatively impact rock art. Members should seriously consider the consequences of identifying site locations, particularly in forms readily available to the public such as the Internet and publications. Field trips, research reports, and sharing site information should prioritize rock art protection.
  2. Members shall act in compliance with all federal, state, tribal and local laws concerning antiquities, archaeological structures, and artifacts in the field. We will respect the natural environment and aim to "Leave No Trace." Members are encouraged to become familiar with these laws, rules, and principles.
  3. URARA seeks to create an atmosphere conducive to original research. We encourage the debate of ideas, a respect for the opinions of all members, and equal opportunities for members to express their views. Members agree to cooperate in sincere friendship with other members to accomplish URARA's goals.
  4. URARA maintains professional research standards. Members must honor the intellectual property of others. Research sources shall be credited in publications, quotations identified, and permission obtained for all previously published works used, from or in any media.
  5. The name Utah Rock Art Research Association, the initials URARA, or logos adopted by URARA may not be used for commercial purposes without the permission of the Board of Directors. Members may use their affiliation with URARA for identification purposes, but research, artistic, or other projects may not be represented as having the sponsorship of URARA without approval of the Board of Directors.
  6. Membership in good standing in URARA is contingent upon observation of these ethical guidelines.

P.O. Box 511324, Salt Lake City, Utah 84151-1324

URARA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

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