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Utah Rock Art Research Association

This educational section of our URARA website supports our mission to "lead in the preservation and understanding of the value of rock art".  Ideas, lesson plans and educational links are provided to teach our youth about rock art and their responsibility in protecting this great cultural heritage of Utah and the Southwest.  URARA has members who are happy to come to a class or group and talk about Utah rock art. Please contact any of the following  to arrange a visit:

Online Presentations:
URARA has done a series of online presentations about rock art. Due to our limited registration capacity these are advertised only to our membership, but anyone is welcome to view past presentations on our Youtube channel.

Teacher Resources:

Utah's State History Organization: I Love History website with teacher resources.

Intrigue of the Past
is a teacher's guide for fourth through seventh grades that provides activities that can be used for teaching archeology. It is especially helpful for Utah History content. Intrigue of the Past is no longer in print but the Bureau of Land Management has given us permission to reproduce the rock art material as a PDF for teachers to use. If you are interested in further content from this publication contact:

Jeanne Moe - BLM Project Archaeology Lead

406-994-7582 or

The Rock Art of Utah is a beginner's guide to the great rock art that can be found in Utah.

We also have a list of rock art sites that are public and accessible via a regular car.

This Youtube video talks about Utah rock art in general and the famous Rochester rock art panel specifically.

This Youtube video created by Dennis and Sky Roshay discusses animals in rock art imagery.

While this source doesn't appear to have any rock art specific content, it has hundreds of archeology related educational material from around the world. It is editable so you can add material to it.
A nice teacher's manual oriented towards archeology and aimed at the Grade 5 level. Not Utah specific but a very nice resource.

A K-9 series of lessons on archeology developed by Linea Sundstrom: K1; Grade 2-3; Grade 4-6; Grade 7-9

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