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Utah Rock Art Research Association

To register for a field trip:

1. You must be a current URARA member.
2. The trip must be "open" for registration.
3. Click the  or  buttons for a field trip "open" for registration.
In order to help protect the health and safety of all members participating in events sponsored  by URARA, the following policy applies:
Participants are  strongly urged to be vaccinated with a full course of COVID shots and boosters.

To cancel your field trip registration:

1. Click on the "Already registered" link below the  or  buttons.
2. Click the  button.

Upcoming Field Trips and Zoom Presentations

    • 22 Jun 2023
    • 5:30 AM - 6:00 PM
    • Vernal Area

    Summer Solstice Field Trip Vernal, Utah

    URARA is offering an all-day Summer Solstice field trip on June 22nd. The trip will visit the "Steinaker Summer Solstice" site, then walk over to the nearby Collette “Summer Solstice Alignment” site. We will then drive out to the “Solstice Dagger” site at McKee Springs, Dinosaur National Monument. The trip will then stop at the “Gnomon” site near McKee Springs, and finish up at the Alhandra Ferry site outside of Vernal. Hiking is mildly difficult. Participants should arrive at the Vernal Heritage Museum (155 E. Main) by no later than 5:30 AM.

    Guide: URARA member, John McHugh

    Contact information email :

                                       phone: 801-473-6508   

    Additional Information Regarding the Organized  Field Trips

    1. PLEASE NOTE that URARA holds no responsibility or liability for those participating in field trips. Attendance at a pre-trip orientation meeting is required by all field trip participants, where a completed liability waiver and medical consent form will be discussed. Each trip roster will be finalized upon completion of waiver and consent forms by participants. Pre-trip meeting could be held the evening before the Field Trip. 

    2. Four-wheel-drive is recommended for high-clearance areas. Car-pooling is recommended, and is required for the final leg of some trips.

    3. Many of the field trips may involve hiking, easy to strenuous, through rough terrain with substantial brush where one may encounter creatures such as rattlesnakes, so be sure to pack appropriate footwear, hiking clothes with a jacket for that sudden rainstorm, a hat, and sunscreen. Don’t forget your camera. Participants are responsible for bringing along plenty of water to ensure healthy hydration.

    4. Plan to provide your own lunch, snacks, and drinks.

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