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Utah Rock Art Research Association

  • What is Patina? Many of our members have wonderful rock art stories & photos that, for a variety of reasons, will never be presented at a URARA symposium. Patina is intended to provide a home for these ideas — a “peoples forum” so to speak — where they can be shared with members and the general public.

    Patina is not a blog. Each item is a stand-alone pdf document stored on the URARA website. Over time, we hope to add a variety of stories, remembrances, research papers, theories, photo essays, fine art, poetry, or whatever our members and rock art associates may want to share.

    How to Use Patina. Click the button above and browse by title. As of March 2020, we are just getting started (actually reviving a concept first tried in 1993, see below). So for now, we have just a few documents. But….revisit this site and watch our collection grow.

    Who Can Participate? Anyone can submit an item to Patina, provided the subject is relevant to rock art in Utah and the western states. That means a submittal can be about any subject or place in the world if it relates back to the core concepts at URARA.

    How to Submit. The material needs to be composed as you want it to appear, then submitted in electronic format to URARA at If your item is too large to email, copy it to a thumbdrive and mail to our publications chair: Dennis DeVore, 353 Dakota Circle, Grand Junction, CO 81507.

    Editorial Review. We have an editorial board that serves to review the submittals and make policy. The board will respond upon receiving your item. We cannot accept submittals that are offensive or that promote a product or solicit sales. Otherwise, we welcome and encourage a wide range of ideas.

    Patina History. In 1993 URARA published the first issue of Patina, with hopes that it would be the “first of many volumes presenting ideas and research from URARA’s membership.” The concept was sound, but ahead of its time. There was never a second issue. The cost and effort to compile and print subsequent issues was too much. But you can read that first issue right here.

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