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  • Snake Gulch Kanab 1 day April 13 Sat

Snake Gulch Kanab 1 day April 13 Sat

  • 13 Apr 2019
  • 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Kanab Utah area
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  • Snake Gulch in the Kanab, UT area

    April 13

 Hike on cow trail in canyon drainage, walk over to panels on the sides. Length: 12-14 miles round trip.  Duration: sun up to sun set. 10-12 hours.

I recommend long pants and/or gaiters. Keep a sharp eye out for rock art and ruins! They can be found the entire length of the canyon, from the corral down past Table Rock. The rock art is spectacular in Snake Gulch, probably one of the best collections of pictographs in the state. Most of it is very old too, Anasazi Basketmaker and Fremont from the same time period. There are some newer images, from Pueblo III times, and even the occasional Paiute drawing, but the bulk (and the draw) are the very large, very old pictographs. Red was a favorite color for the ancient inhabitants of Snake Gulch, so keep your eyes peeled for splashes of red against the tan walls. These can indicate the presence of just a few little P III humanoids, or a battery of ancient, towering figures. Keep a special eye out for "The Spacemen" and "The Couple" on your way down.
Ruins are also found in Snake Gulch, and the sharp eye can usually spot the remains of some cliff dwellings as you get closer to Table Rock.
The trail stays simply in the bottom of the canyon. Table Rock marks the confluence of Snake Gulch and a medium-sized tributary coming in from the south. At their junction, a point sticks out with a flat bench of limestone at the top - Table Rock. A very large pictograph panel, The Big Panel, is sheltered under the overhang of Table Rock. There is also an ammo can with a visitor's log. Across the canyon is an alcove with the remains of a cliff dwelling (just a few walls, now). A trip up into the ruin is neat, though the main attraction is the rock art. The Big Panel alone is worth spending hours, if you have them..

Leader: Steve Acerson

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